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Every car maker has had some sort of major scandal recently. It doesn’t matter if it is Ford with the Explorer releasing Carbon Monoxide in the cabin, Toyota with their acceleration scandal, GM with their ignition switch problems, or Tesla with their autopilot crashes. Volkswagen’s recent scandals are just a long line of many automaker mishaps.

What happened to Volkswagen?

You may have heard about Volkswagen’s diesels engines weren’t as up to code as the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) thought. In fact, they were most definitely not up to code. Volkswagen installed emissions software that allows their diesels to sense the unique parameters of an emission drive cycle set by the EPA. These so-called “defeat devices” detect the test and switch to a different operating mode to comply with EPA standards.

In the test mode, the cars are fully compliant with all federal emissions levels. But when driving normally, the software switches to a different mode – changing the fuel pressure, injection timing, exhaust-diesel re-circulation, and adjusts the amount of exhaust fluid sprayed into the exhaust. The end results are a higher emission than what the EPA requires.

What did Volkswagen do for Customers?

The US District Court approved a final $14.7 billion settlement that set aside $10 billion to buyback affected diesel cars and wagons from affected customers. As of October 2016 over 350,000 owners indicated they wanted to sell their vehicles back to Volkswagen. Customers then had the option to buy a new or used vehicle.

Hundreds of thousands of vehicles flooded back to Volkswagen. Volkswagen has spent a large part of the end of last year and beginning of this year correcting their mistakes on these vehicles.

As of January 2017 Volkswagen announced a COMPLETE FIX for 2015 and newer Diesel models. All those with a generation 3 engine. Volkswagen was given approval to start selling thousands of these vehicles to dealerships and, in turn, to customers again.

What does all of this mean to you?

Dealerships across the nation are scratching their heads, wondering what to do. On one hand these vehicles are extremely cheap due to the massive influx of inventory. On the other hand these vehicles have a damage brand.

All of us here at DonohooAuto aren’t worried about that. Our concerns are first and foremost with our customer’s safety and experience. We looked at these Volkswagen Diesels (TDIs) and decided that these are still well-made cars. They still offer amazing gas mileage and utility. We understand the value of moving when others aren’t willing to and it offers you, our customer, a chance at an amazing deal.

If you want a car or wagon that gets 40+ MPG highway and something that fits your budget these Volkswagen TDIs are for you. Come by and test drive one. We think you will be impressed by the value. 



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