Manual Volkswagen Golf

The Volkswagen Golf is as fun to drive as many sports cars, as comfortable as many luxury sedans, and as spacious as many small SUVs. In other words, it is the complete package. That is why we have stocked up with them at DonohooAuto.

It is easy to praise the Volkswagen Golf. That's because while its price is reasonable, its core competencies - a solid structure, an impeccably finished interior, and comfortable and capable suspension - would be welcome at any price. We have Golfs starting at $14,995. Our manual variety start at $16,995. Personally, the manual is the way to go. 

If you haven't considered a Golf before check them out. They are fun to drive and do everything you need a car to do. The only thing I wouldn't use them for would be towing. I don't think they would tow very well. We have almost 50 in stock. You aren't going to find a better selection anywhere. You can look at them by clicking the link below.


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